Ekstra virgin olive oil, Žižolera 0.5l

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The quality of our extra virgin olive oils was awarded gold medals by experts at international fairs in New York, Paris, Monte Carlo, Dubai, and Tokyo.

Our cold-pressed Istrian olive oil is the natural juice squeezed from the fruit of autochthonous varieties of young, fresh olives from pure varietal olive groves, in which all valuable biological and nutritional ingredients are maximally preserved.

We produce 6 types of oil, 4 monovarietal and 2 bland. Monovarietal oils are the Istrian varieties vodnjanska buža, rosinjola, žižolera and Istrian bjelica.

ŽIŽOLERA-rare varietal oil, an autochthonous species specific to the Area of Vodnjan, has a pronounced and full taste that lasts, medium to intense bitterness and piquancy.

The work and effort we enjoy gives us top quality oils with a high content of antioxidants, polyphenols, which have a beneficial effect on health.

Scientific analyzes confirm what is perfectly clear to nature: extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality supports, strengthens and glorifies life in us!

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The company grows olives and produces extra virgin olive oil.

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