About us

The Netfoodmarket is a portal that connects producers and buyers in Croatia but also in Slovenia, Germany, and Austria and across the EU.

We have been active since 15. April 2013. and since then our customer base has grown significantly.

Our clients can create and browse for offer and demand ads and we don't take any commission from the sale. So feel free to register, create your profile and create your ads so you could introduce yourself better!

This site is made for you because:

  • you negotiate all sale conditions such as price, quantity, possible delivery
  • you see the statistics of clicks on your ads
  • you can use our practical delivery service by affordable prices
  • you can compare your prices with the competition
  • you receive all important information about upcoming fairs
  • you can publish recipes for an even better introduction of your company
  • you can, as our member, use our banner advertising at a special price for our members

Producers see what buyers demand and buyers find quality domestic products and negotiate all sale conditions directly with each other.

Whether a buyer wishes to order local or gourmet specialties from abroad, he can place a demand ad and get matching offers on the product of his choice from our users.

By promoting your ad, you improve your sales opportunities. If you become a member for 60 €, you get PREMIUM benefits during one year with an unlimited number of ads and one FEATURED ad on the home page, free translation included. After 12 months, you can renew your profile’s PREMIUM status with a new membership.

All members of the Netfoodmarket can use our customer service as their personal sales and marketing team – we are here for you!