Salty anchovies

eur  -  2,00/1kg

Origin country


Origin region

Zadar County

Quantity available

1,000 kg

Courier delivery


Free delivery up to (km)

10 km

- Fillets in sunflower oil 120 g

- Net drained mass 70 g

Certificates: Halal


Pelagos, in translation of meaning: the open sea. Our name is inspired by the Adriatic Sea, where our ancestors were fishermens for generations. We decided to start our story by growing Atlantic bluefin tuna. As our fishing fleet catches small pelagic fish for bait, the next venture was to revive the flavors of our childhood and start producing anchovy and sardine delicacies.

We are located at pier 4 in the port of Zadar. The Pelagos headquarter with its modern logistics center, refrigerator (capacity 2000 tons) and individual quick-freezing device (Sabroe CAFP400, freezing capacity 1800 kg of fish up to -20oc / per hour), provide perfect predispositions for the farm during closed seasonal periods. We own a fishing fleet, tugs, multi-purpose boats and custom-made supply boats. Our farm is located 9Nm from our headquarter.

Pelagos fosters a culture of sustainability that allows our employees and companies to work at sea or on land in environmentally responsible ways. Our waste from the processing plant is organic and a source of valuable omega-3 acids, so we pass it on to pet food companies. In line with sustainability standards, honesty and respect for values are what we nurture within our team, but also with our clients.