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Royal jelly is properly consumed orally in fresh form.

The jelly is using with a wooden, glass or plastic spoons in the mouth, under the tongue in an amount of one gram, which corresponds to approximately the size of a grain of corn or pea berries. Royal jelly is retained under the tongue up to 5 minutes, until melted and partly absorbed, which allows the body to get the maximum out of it. Royal jelly is a natural substance and as such, except in rare cases, hypersensitivity to the same in the organism does not cause unwanted side effects.


after the removal from the freezer, royal jelly is stored in a refrigerator at 4 degrees

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The offer of honey and bee products in this catalogue is the result of the work of perfect bees and hard work of Čajko family. This magical gift of nature is collected on the golden fields of Slavonia, its hills and spacious forests.

The purpose of our diversity offer is to give you a spoon of health every day. To acquire habits that can improve quality of life and explore all the healing properties of this “golden balm”.

The secret of production of real natural honey, bees carry in their bodies and organs of digestion that the product is converted into honey almost irreplaceable in human diet.

There is no bees in the world that produces bad honey, bad honey is result during the industrial filling of honey or bad negligent and ignorant beekeepers.....